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VCOS Inclusion Project Diversity by Rank Survey

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Diversity and inclusion are more than “feel good” terms. They are a means to move forward new ideas and perspectives, recruitment and retention, community engagement, public trust and more. But in order to move forward, we must understand where we currently stand, and detailed, national-level data on diversity in volunteer and combination departments is hard to come by. We need your help!

Please complete the data as best as you can and feel free to share the link with others in your network.

Diversity and inclusion are not just about numbers, but data is critical to inform research, tools and solutions for today’s fire service leaders looking to create stronger volunteer fire departments. Fire 20/20 will be contributing the collected, aggregate data to an upcoming report and toolkit to support volunteer department’s efforts to develop inclusive teams and continue to grow their traditions of community and service excellence.

Not a volunteer or combination department? That’s OK too! Simply check the “department type” that best applies to your department; it will help us fill in the big picture.
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